Our Work

Jewish Community Alliance

Buddy stopped by randomly one day to ask me about our propane needs. He caught me at a good time so I chatted with him a bit. At the end of our conversation Buddy made the claim that he could save us money. I wasn’t so sure, so I did my own research and as it turned out, he was right. We were paying too much. That combined with our previous company missing some deliveries and causing us to run out of fuel, was all the motivation I needed to switch to Ideal.
Facilities manager

Ms. Alwilda

Don’t be intimidated by your current gas provider. They told me lots of things that were not true in hopes that I would stop asking questions. They even told me they own my tank that has been buried in my yard for over 17 years! I finally took control of my propane bill and it feels good.

-Ms. Alwilda

Grumpy's Restaraunt

I like working with family owned businesses like Grumpy’s it feels good to be in a position to help someone in their business. Ideal is a small business too. It feels like we are doing our part to contribute to someones entrepreneurial dream.

-Buddy Dingman

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