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Our Average Residential Price

How We Set Our Prices

We post our average residential propane price on our website because we believe in transparency and we are not afraid to tell you what we charge. We are one of the few companies that do this. We are over $2.00 per gallon less than the average Florida price.

We charge no additional fees except for taxes. This is not a “First Fill” rate. If a company quotes you a first fill price, they are obviously telling you they are going to raise your price after the first fill. If a company quotes you a first fill price, ask them what their 2nd fill price is. Or better, ask them what their average residential price is including all fees (HAZMAT, Fuel Surcharge, etc.)

As with all energy products, propane prices fluctuate. Our price is calculated based on our costs and the amount of propane a customer uses. It is less expensive for us to deliver 300 gallons in one stop than it is for us to deliver 50 gallons in one stop. This means that someone who uses propane only for cooking should expect to pay a higher price than someone who uses it for several appliances.

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