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Ms. Alwilda, homeowner shares her experiences

East Jacksonville

Unfortunately, its common practice in the propane business to use fear and intimidation to scare customers into keeping the same propane provider. They tell you they own your tank and you will incur large fees if you were to change. The customer thinks they are stuck paying lease payments and locked high rates even when propane prices fluctuate down.


Ms. Alwilda finally had enough and wasn’t going to be bullied into paying high fees for her propane use. She now has freed herself from any propane company and can shop for the cheapest propane anytime she needs a fill. Ideal Gas competed fairly and won her business. Below are her words.

I didn’t’ realize that I was getting taken advantage of for years with my previous gas company. They charged me hazmat fees, delivery fees, and rental fees. In our gated community we had a supposedly discounted  “fixed rate” of $3.10. As it turns out, this is no discount at all.

I’m glad I called Ideal because they don’t charge all the extra fees and lowered my price per gallon. I’m paying almost a 3rd of what I was paying before.

I should have called Ideal along time ago!

Advice for other homeowners

Don’t be intimidated by your current gas provider. They told me lots of things that were not true in hopes that I would stop asking questions. They even told me they own my tank that has been buried in my yard for over 17 years! I finally took control of my propane bill and it feels good.

-Ms. Alwilda

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