How Can Get You Better Propane Rates and Propane Service

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In case you haven’t heard, there is a new website that is uniting neighbors like never before. In the era of digital connectivity, is the modern-day equivalent of having an old-fashioned neighborhood block party where the conversation covers a variety of topics from landscape maintenance to asking for a contractor referral.  It’s hugely popular

iDeal Gas Partners with GreenSky Financing in Residential Propane Tank Ownership Program

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As many homeowners are seeking to better control their propane gas energy costs, there is one important caveat that many don’t know. When a specific propane provider owns your underground storage tank (UST), you are required to purchase your propane gas from that provider. The homeowner has no flexibility to shop providers for a better

Prime to Disrupt: Advantage Business Magazine

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Prime to Disrupt 100 years in the making- the propane gas industry is about to change Thousands of homeowners and businesses rely on a steady supply of propane to do everything from taking a hot shower in their home to cooking a pizza at their favorite restaurant. What started as an industry with hundreds of

How long should a buried propane tank last?

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A common question for homeowners is about the life expectancy of their buried propane tank. Propane tanks are generally very durable and manufactures have learned how to make them last 30 or even 40 years. Made primarily of corrosion resistant steel, these tanks are treated with special coatings to resist the elements. How to spot

Truth in Invoicing

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You can learn a lot about a propane gas company by just looking at their invoice. Back a few years ago when the economy slowed, many companies tried to shift their cost of doing business onto the customer. It was much easier for a customer service rep to have a conversation with disgruntled customers and